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My Hero Dog Training Obedience, Agility, Musical Freestyle, Rally, Tricks, Nosework, Clicker Training, Cgc

Do you want the best trained dog in your neighborhood? Want to have a better bond with your dog? Want to train your dog and have fun while doing it?  My Hero Dog Training offers many classes to help you reach your goals. obedience, agility, musical freestyle, rally, tricks, nosework clicker training, cgc.

We are dedicated to teaching you how to train your dog in a fun relaxed atmosphere using the tools of positive reinforcement.


The more you do with your dog,
the more your dog will do!

                   Learning Should NEVER hurt
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Did you make a New Year Resolution to train your dog? Want to try something new and fun??  New classes are on the schedule.
Confirmation Mini Workshop, February 21st.  Click on "classes"  then "workshops" for more information

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