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Amazing!! I cannot tell you enough how awesome Roz was! She was so patient, and not to mention- great with my crazy dog! I did so much research before signing up, and let me save everyone the trouble – if you want to try agility at all – THIS is where to go!!   Lauren
Roz is great with animals, which I guess should be the main focus of this recommendation. But she has so much kindness and compassion for the human condition. She feels like a great friend, and has been nothing but kind and patient with me.  Chris

Hi Roz!

Just wanted to say that we loved your classes, and learned many new things that we have been applying with Emmy every day. The beginner obedience class was something we desperately needed, and it did not disappoint.

Hope to take more of your classes in the future with our work in progress puppy!


Ree, Rob & Emmy (the crazy liver/white Brittany)  (4.16.18)

I just wanted to so thank you for a fun class last night. I was so happy to see the positive kind and fun approach you take with the dogs. Thanks for your kindness to Bella. She is a rescue and gets scared to sudden movements. We know she has special needs and are trying to find fun things for her. See you next Thursday- Cat   (2.16.18)

I have been attending My Hero Dog Training for over a year now and I feel incredibly lucky to have found Roz and her training facility! Here are a couple of reasons why:

My dog is a little bit crazy and has quite a few phobias. Not only does Roz love dogs with big personalities, but she also has experience with fearful dogs. When my dog and I first started attending classes, he would hide under chairs and behind barriers. Roz was very patient and found ways for us to coax him out and build his confidence. He has since moved on to earn a trick title and is almost done with his second title!

Roz is a firm believer in positive reinforcement, enthusiasm and treat based training. Before coming to My Hero Dog Training, I used a national training company that came to my house. They used scary noises, either from your mouth or noise making gadgets, to discourage your dog from doing things. Although I didn’t stay with this company long, I believe they made my dog a lot more fearful instead of confident like Roz taught him. The other company also discouraged you from hand feeding treats or food to your dog, and they discouraged sitting next to your dog. Roz has a different approach, one that is based on love and respect, not fear and intimidation.

Roz is incredibly  knowledgeable and she continues to keep learning. She shares tons of information, recommendations, and stories with her students on subjects like feeding, traveling with your pet, knowing signs of illnesses to watch for, things that are poisonous to your dog, and so much more! She also provides handouts of things learned in class to help you remember what to do at home.

I love all of the class options you have at My Hero Dog Training. There is a beginner puppy class, an intermediate Rockin’ Relationship class, private lessons, agility, freestyle dance, nose-work and more! So many fun ways to build that relationship with your dog!

I highly recommend My Hero Dog Training and I truly thank Roz for all I’ve learned so far, and what I will learn in the future!

For Keeper and I, last night was just about perfect. We appreciate all you do to provide us with the challenging courses, expert instruction, and beautiful well maintained area for our class. Even though all students were in attendance, we all had plenty of time on course and the fact that everyone cheers for each other and offers suggestions when asked is a plus.  So, having the opportunity to work with Keeper in a picture perfect setting, in a relaxed atmosphere, with our own individual agility goals, like minded supportive classmates and experienced instructor made for a perfect evening.
Thank you Roz Granitz,
Jackie & Keeper
Allie had so much fun learning to push the bowling ball. Can’t wait to see her knock pins down! Who would have thought dogs could learn to bowl? Stephanie Darkangelo I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for how much You and My Hero Dog Training have done for our family.
Since I began bringing Baxter (formerly known as Baxter the Beast) to your agility classes, we have seen amazing changes in him & in the way we relate to him.  Our bond has become much stronger and he is a better listener in all aspects of our everyday life.  My husband loves to show him off with all of the new tricks he’s learned too.   The classes have provided the much needed physical and mental exercise Baxter thrives on to be at his best.  We are both amazed and grateful for this outstanding transformation.
With our Sincere Thanks,
Susan and David Singer
West Bloomfield, Michigan
Hi My name is Nancy. I have a collie girl who loves to run the barrels. She did this for fun in a club I belonged to but we have been out of the club for several years now and did not do much of it. I have just begun by starting her back on one barrel and will re progress from there. I am not young so this affords me the opportunity to work with my dog and enjoy the fun. I have a collie boy who does not learn as fast at my girl so we are just starting him from scratch.
I love taking class from both Roz and Nancy, because they are such good, pure spirits.  After taking class, no matter what kind of day I have had, I go home happy and with a smile on my face.  I also leave with great satisfaction from a wonderful workout with my best companion.
Debbie Grimm
I have been taking agility classes with Roz for a few years. My dog is a terrier and as some of you may know, they are hard to train. Roz had been great with us. She is very patient and has suggested several ways to stimulate my stubborn terrier.  This shows me that she can work with any dog.  Roz is always excited about her classes and her students. She often takes pictures of the dogs as they run the course and posts them on Face Book or her website.  She is very knowledgable about dogs and dog training and is always friendly and helpful.
Candi Good
I personally find your training to be of great help with Ben and have seen very quick results from a very happy dog who is eager to please.  I would be a good one to judge because I did conventional obedience with my old guy and didn’t get much from it. He learned his manners through agility classes. This is a nice program  even my neighbors comment on how good both the dogs are. I refer you of course 🙂