Covid 19

Face masks are no longer required for outdoor classes.  All students who have not been vaccinated are required to wear a face mask at all indoor classes.  If you are not feeling well and have a temperature over 100.4 do not come to class.

Outdoor Classes

Dogs must be on leash at all time unless running an agility course or lesson.

Pricing and Fees

To find the fee of each class session or workshop visit the schedule page.  On the calendar, best viewed on a laptop, desktop or tablet,  click on the desired class to find the exact fee.

Payment and Refunds
A 50% deposit is required at time of registration. Payment, in full, is required before the beginning of the first class.   A request for a refund must be done in writing. A full refund will be given up to the start of the first class, with your dog, after which no refund will be given.

For “Perfect Puppy Awesome Adolescent and Adult” Students: A 50% deposit is required at time of registration.  Payment in full is due at the orientation.   If requested, at the Orientation, a full refund will be given.  No refund will be given after the Orientation or if requested less than  24 hours prior to the orientation.

If an aggressive dog is enrolled in class and is asked to leave, no refund will be given – see section on aggressive dogs below.

Payment may be made by credit card, check or cash. There will be a $35 charge, plus bank fees, for returned checks.

We accept:

Make-Up Classes
If  an instructor cancels a class, that class will be made up.  If you find you’re unable to attend a class, your instructor will try to “catch you up” at the beginning or end of the next class. , Hand-outs given in class will also help with the learned behaviors that were taught in the missed class. You may also schedule a private lesson, for your missed class, at an additional fee, to go over what was missed in class. Private lessons are based on the instructor’s availability.

Bitches in Season
Bitches in season will be allowed in some classes with the permission of the instructor. Please ask before you bring your dog to class.

Aggressive Dogs
Dogs who are aggressive toward other dogs or people are not allowed in class. If you have questions about your dog being able to come to class, please contact My Hero Dog Training to discuss your dog’s behavior. It is possible for these dogs to take private lessons. If your dog displays an inappropriate behavior in a class, My Hero Dog Training reserves the right to excuse the dog from class, without refund. You may transfer your dog to private lessons. The remainder of your class fees can be applied to these private lessons. Another option, may be, that your dog wear a muzzle during class.

Specific vaccinations are not required for attendance in class. It is assumed that dogs coming to class are healthy and free of any disease or parasites.  If your dog is sick with any communicable disease it should not attend class. Make-up classes are not offered. Instructors will do their best to catch students up on what was missed.  Private lessons, at student’s expense, may be scheduled if desired and scheduled based on instructor’s availability.

Training Methods
Positive motivational training techniques will be used in all classes. Food/treats will be the primary motivator. Clicker training may be taught in some classes. Negative, aversive, or compulsive training methods will not be allowed in any class.

Training Equipment
Choke chains, pronged collars, electronic collars, and retractable leashes are not allowed in class. It is recommended that the dog wear a quick release or buckle collar. Four foot to six foot leashes made out of whatever material (leather, nylon, etc.) you find comfortable are permitted. Please wear appropriate footwear – no open toed sandals or high heels.

Class Cancellations
If it becomes necessary for an instructor to cancel class due to illness or weather, an additional class will be added to the schedule. Notification of the cancellation will be placed on the schedule page of the My Hero Dog Training website or on My Hero Dog Training (& Sports) Facebook page.

Dog Training Classes for Kids
Children eight years of age and older are welcome in any of the classes offered at My Hero Dog Training.