Musical Freestyle Classes

Musical Freestyle

My Dog Has Talent (Beginner Musical Freestyle)

This is an incredibly fun class for you and your dog. Teach your dog some new tricks, put those tricks to music, and dance the night away. Are you interested in competition? Is your dog a visiting therapy dog? Just want to have a fun night out with your dog? This is the class for you!!

Prerequisite: Puppy class. Knowledge of positive motivational training and use of a marker is helpful.

Intermediate Musical Freestyle

Have you taught your dog some tricks/dance steps and want to keep going? Want to learn more advanced tricks and set those tricks to music? Are you interested in competing or just having fun? Our National Champion Musical Freestyle instructor will help you meet those goals.

Prerequisite: My Dog Has Talent

Advanced/Competition Musical Freestyle

More Tricks!!! Learn how to choose music, link your tricks together and create a Musical Freestyle routine. Learn about costumes, props and the rules of the competitive organizations.

Prerequisite: Intermediate Musical Freestyle