Perfect Puppy Pairs

Are you too busy to train your dog? Want to keep your dog busy while you are working either at home or away? Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety? Or, during this time of COVID-19 would you rather not attend a training class?  If you said “yes” to any or all of these questions, consider Perfect Puppy/Perfect Pairs Training at My Hero Dog Training. We will customize a training play to meet your dog’s specific needs. 

Instructors at My Hero Dog Training believe a strong, positive relationship between pup and owner is the magic needed to build a loving bond. That is why we created Perfect Puppy Pairs.  

We believe there is nothing more important that a loving, mutually respectful, bond between a dog and their owner. We are dedicated to the principles of positive motivational training.  You can rest assured that while your puppy is in our care  no aversive methods will be used.  We will be using food and toys as our primary reinforcers. 

Who these lessons are for: This program is designed for those who do not have the time to come to class, are physically unable to train their own dog  or those worried about COVID-19.  

It is for any dog or puppy, regardless of age, who has never been to class or needs a refresher course on basic manners or skills It is for any dog who needs to learn more advanced obedience skills, or any specific skill.  

Note: This program is not for reactive, vicious or any dog with a bite history.

Location:  3285 Martin Parkway, Ste N110, Commerce MI 48390

All programs are four weeks (start to finish), with three payment programs to choose from: 1, 3, or 4 days per week. Payment is weekly or monthly and must be pre-paid.

Drop off your pup between 8 and 9 AM, and pick up your pup by 5:30pm. (If necessary, special arrangements can be made.)

Pups will:

  • be trained several times a day,
  • get several outdoor walks a day,
  • have rest time for naps,
  • get enrichment time (to play with puzzles, licki mats, kongs, etc.), and
  • be sent home with a progress report and homework.

In order to build a perfect pair with your pup, it is important that you participate in the training. Homework is an essential piece of the training puzzle. Video taping of homework is a part of the training plan and must be sent to your pup’s trainer. Videos will be reviewed and helpful comments will be given.

Perfect Puppy Pairs includes:

  • A phone or in person consultation
  • A $100 Training package (Freedom No Pull Harness, 15′ training leash, )
  • Days of FUN and TRAINING for your pup!

LIMITED ENROLLMENT: Enrollment in Perfect Puppy Pairs is limited to three dogs per month, due to COVID-19 precautions. Contact us today!